The Future of Sitting (like you always wanted it) has arrived!

Experience the effortless, weightless flow of the new LIMBIC CHAIR® II.

  • Designed for the human brain & body
  • Neuro- ergonomic construction
  • With 5 programmable sensors
  • Developed at MIT
  • Engineered & produced in Switzerland
  • Highest quality electronics and materials
  • Promotional offer now, ships spring 2021

Limbic Chair® II
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Revolutionary Features

Stable, Free Flow Sitting

Experience the unique, weightless flow of the Limbic Chair® II! Your spine is effortlessly stable and upright, and a constant flow of barely perceptible micro movements prevents spinal stiffness, activates your body and mind, and reduces fatigue.


The LIMBIC CHAIR® II’s neuroscience-based design keeps your body and mind in flow. The flexible support surfaces keep you in constant, gentle motion, stimulating your brain so you can feel and work better. For the first time, your body is flowing with your thoughts.

Freedom of Movement

The LIMBIC CHAIR® II moves with your body, giving you never seen before freedom of movement while sitting. It is perfectly designed for the human anatomy, stabilizing and balancing your upper body, which is ideal for people who have to sit for long periods of time.

Incentivized Movements

When designing the LIMBIC CHAIR® II, we investigated which movements express happiness and make you feel good. We then designed the shells and the suspension of the LIMBIC CHAIR® II to encourage you to do these movements, so you can feel, work, and play better.

5 Electronic Sensors

The 5 electronic motion sensors built into the LIMBIC CHAIR® II allow you to control computer applications. You can zoom, pan, rotate and more, to enhance your workflow for office applications, CAD*, image processing, and VR. You can also use it to exercise, do rehab, or gaming.
*CAD: Natively supports SolidEdge, Rhino, Blender, more in preparation.

LIMBIC CHAIR® II Special Offer

Made in Switzerland from highest quality materials!

Documentary by SIEMENS for Limbic Chair


All our products are made in Switzerland from highest quality materials!

Switzerland CHF 0.-
EU/UK/Israel: CHF 100.-
USA/CAN: CHF 200.- 


The new LIMBIC CHAIR® II with 5 built-in motion sensors for controlling VR, CAD, workflow und games.
Available in multiple colors.

(Starting fall 2021)


CHF 2950.-


Now available at a promotional price, the new LIMBIC CHAIR® II with 5 built-in sensors for controlling VR, CAD, workflow, health and games.
Available in black, ships spring 2021.

CHF 2250.-


The original LIMBIC CHAIR® with VR electronics. A high-tech sitting experience, customizable and perfectly made to measure for your body. With carbon fiber seating shells and 4 built-in sensors to control VR, CAD, workflow und games.

CHF 6900.-


The original LIMBIC CHAIR® which started the revolution! Discover a totally new, high-tech sitting experience like never before. Customizable in many ways and perfectly made to measure for your body. With carbon fiber seating shells.

CHF 5500.-

5 Integrated Motion-Sensors


5 motion sensors and the swiss-developed electronics of the LIMBIC CHAIR® II allow you to use your LIMBIC CHAIR® II as an input device for your computer! The sensors also register how you are sitting and moving, and can help you be more healthy. This opens up a new world of possible applications!

Neuroscience & Brain-Power

Eye-hand coordination and leg-movement are controlled by two different neurological systems. The first one uses modern, powerful brain regions, while the latter uses ancient, simple pathways. The LIMBIC CHAIR® II activates these ancient pathways by letting you use your legs as an input device. This liberates more complex brain structures from doing menial tasks, making you more effective. Regular use of the LIMBIC CHAIR® II can also help improve your multitasking skills.

Freely Configurable

The LIMBIC CHAIR® II’s software allows you to individually configure it according to your needs. Any key stroke and mouse movement can be assigned to movements of the LIMBIC CHAIR® II and saved as presets. Simply switch between presets to make your LIMBIC CHAIR® II work perfectly with different applications. You can also enter user-specific presets, in case multiple users are working with the same LIMBIC CHAIR® II and would like to have their personal preferences.

Fitness, Games, VR, Workflow, Rehab

With its unique construction and sensors, the LIMBIC CHAIR® II offers many additional functions that other chairs don’t have. Mouse, CAD*, Fitness, gaming (for fun or for mental training), hands-free navigating in VR at your desk (weren’t we all waiting for that?) and even medical applications, like rehab after trauma or surgery.

*CAD: SolidEdge, Rhino, Blender native, more in preparation

Develop Apps for the Limbic Chair

Are you a developer and would like to develop applications for the Limbic Chair in your field?

Or would you like us to adapt the Limbic Chair to your use case or develop a specific application?

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